A Girl from Oakland in Paris by Michelle Marcial Prancing Ponies Academy Leader

by Michelle Marcial, Prancing Ponies Leadership Abroad Academy Scholar 2017

Who thought a girl from Oakland, California would be in Paris by the young age of 18? Certainly not me. When first discovering Prancing Ponies Leadership Abroad-Academy, my first thought was, “This can’t be real. Too good to be true.” Yet here I am, waking up every day since late June to a beautiful view of one of the many streets in Paris. I walk by the Arc de Triumph on Mondays through Wednesdays for my internship and funny enough I still catch myself thinking, “Wow. I am really in Paris.” Everywhere I go, I look around, fascinated of the architecture of the whole city. From turning 18 in Paris and celebrating at Disneyland Paris to seeing the Eiffel Tower light up at night, I have done so much yet I yearn for more. Wandering and exploring even if I feel tired, I ask myself “Would you rather sleep in, or go do something new in Paris?” To be honest sometimes my body convinces me to sleep in for one more hour but after that I drag my feet around for the next adventure!


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