Michelle Marcial, 2017 Leadership Academy Graduate

I was a part of the first cohort of the Prancing Ponies Leadership Abroad Academy. Traveling abroad to begin with is already a big transition and this program will not be easy. However, you will learn a lot about your weaknesses, strengths, fears, discipline, goals, and ultimately perseverance. If I can emphasize anything it would be that this program is not a vacation, nor should you think it is one. You will work harder than you have ever worked before, you will be pushed beyond your limits and it is up to you if you embrace it or refuse to grow. The academy itself has a great mission, creating women leaders one girl at a time, but to make that into a reality it is not just how the academy decides to help make those women leaders but it is also on the girls to already have traits of a leader. If you are mature, hardworking, respectful and open minded to becoming the best who you could be then this might be the program for you.

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