Women’s Leadership Grant

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We support leadership development of low income BIPOC Women by funding their attendance to online workshops, conferences, and seminars of their choice. Additionally, we also provide these future Women leaders a stipend to cover the salary they will sacrifice for self-betterment for the days of missed work to ensure they can take care of their children and household needs while advancing their lives and careers.
Income should not be a barrier to the information necessary for BIPOC Women to advance their careers and lives. Asking low-income Women to sacrifice income for self betterment is unrealistic and supports the continued cycle of poverty for Women, especially single Women raising families.
We are a service to the community service providers (S2CSP).
There are Women currently being served by community organizations for home and food insecurity with full time jobs. We work directly with these community and Faith based organizations to identify the Women ready to advance their lives and careers to end the cycle of socioeconomic oppression for them and their families.
We believe that leadership mastered at home is reflected in career growth.
For example, a Woman utilizing the mobile homeless services is identified by a counselor as a candidate for the Prancing Ponies program. Specifically, she’s worked her way up from living in her car into a tiny home for her and her family, secured a minimum wage janitorial job with benefits but doesn’t know how to budget her money. She goes to our website, completes a brief application detailing the 3-day workshop of her choice and how the workshop will improve her life and/or advance her career. We purchase her ticket and provide her a daily stipend based on her current income to ensure she is able to cover expenses for her and her family while she is attending the workshop and elevating all facets of her life.

Prancing Ponies Applicant Request For Funding

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